The Gorilla Babysitter

There are thrills, spills and lots of laughs when Mack the friendly gorilla has to babysit for a lion cub.

Spurned for being 'strange', Mack spends his time alone, tinkering with machines and eating mince pies. He's never done any babysitting in his life, but single-dad James needs to go hunting and is desperate for someone to look after his young cub Ruby.

Mack jumps at the challenge with so much enthusiasm that the day spirals out of control, leaving Mack and little Ruby in mortal danger! Will the villagers help? Will Mack have to fight alone? And what will James say when he sees what's happened to his lovely house?

This joyful tale of fathers overcoming their problems will appeal to everyone from 6 years upwards.


'Well-said, funny, interesting' - Reuben, aged 8, New Zealand.

'It's brilliant!' - Jemma, aged 6, Harrogate.

'It is a great story with a strong plot-line' - Kirsten, aged 11, Manchester.

'Very fun to listen to. I WANT THIS BOOK!' - Izzy, aged 7, Manchester.

'******* genius!' - Craig, aged 36, Northampton

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G. K. Wood is a comedy writer and musician.  He was brought up in Wales, educated in Scotland, and works in England. He is now somewhat confused about his nationality and could perhaps be described as Woctlish or Scelsh.

Under a different name he won a BBC Talent scriptwriting competition.  His sitcom was performed in front of a studio audience and broadcast on BBC Radio. 

He began writing for children after the death of his father, Mike, whose wit and word-craft were an inspiration.  Through his funny but compassionate writing, G. K. Wood invites the next generation to open their minds and giggle!  His first book, The Gorilla Babysitter, was published in 2015.

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